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For the Rights of National Regions, Through European Means

On the day it was founded, the Szekler National Council made clear two important things:

1. It's sole purpose is achieving Szeklerland's autonomy.

2. To attain this goal, it will make use only the means of law and democracy.

It was clear from the beginning that in order to attain this goal, the means of foreign policy will be needed as well; we must also make use of the possibilities offered by international treaties. In 2008, the Szekler National Council decided to initiate an EU-wide legislation concerning the rights of autochthonous people and ethnic groups living in the European Union, in particular, their right to self determination, "a legislation that must be based on recommendations 1201/1993, 1334/2003, 1811/2007 of the Council of Europe, the European Charter of Regional Autonomy and the European Parliament's decision concerning EU citizenship, adopted on November 21, 1991 and must treat the recognition of all individual and collective rights recognized by the EU's member states, as international standards".

After the conclusion of the Lisbon Treaty, it was natural for us to make use of the possibility of Citizens' Initiative, as soon as it becomes possible, and we will find partners Europe-wide. To this end, the council adopted two resolutions in June 2011, one mapping out the potential allied national regions, and stating the principle of the initiative: the people of Europe are equal, and the second, beyond declaring that the Szekler National Council wishes to make use of the possibility of the EU citizens’ initiative, also sets the subject of the initiative.

The issue is detailed in two studies found here and here.

We realize that while the total population of the European national regions is significant, gathering a million signatures will not be an easy task. Countless volunteers will be needed to accomplish it.

If you agree with our aims, and believe that it is the best interest of your homeland, but also all of Europe, that the national regions that preserve national characteristics are strengthened, their competences expanded, are granted greater independence so that they could preserve their historical traditions, all the while not suffering any economical disadvantages, and you wish to play a role in gathering signatures, please fill out this short form.

Our staff will seek you out, and inform you of what needs to be done.

Thank you for your help, in advance.

Marosvásárhely, the 21th of April 2012
On behalf of the Szekler Nationsl Council
Izsák Balázs
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Direct democracy and the EUFor the rights of national regionsRequired informationDetailed informationCitizens' committeeSupportersNewsBe our volunteer!
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